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Marshalltown, Iowa

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Marshalltown Milestones: Old Courthouse Sound and Light Show


Historical Shady Oaks Campground Web Page

Quarter Mile Link: Shady Oaks History

The complete book "Quarter Mile Link" by Mary Gift is now published here for you to enjoy in 8 sections:

Cover, Dedication
Section 1  Land Abstract & Rock Valley Mill
Section 2  The Rock Valley Neighborhood
Section 3  The Lincoln Highway and Rainbow Arch Bridge.
Section 4  Genre of Shady Oaks
Section 4  Genre of Shady Oaks: Act One, The Norton Years
Section 4  Genre of Shady Oaks: After the War, New Management
Section 4  Genre of Shady Oaks: Mobile Home Court Years
Section 5  The Golden Link, The Big Treehouse
Section 6  Reflections: Photos & Informative Memories
Section 7  Epilogue
Section 8  The Author Mary Gift

Historical Cabin #3 at Shady Oaks

Historical Bur Oak Trees at Shady Oaks