Welcome to the Memory of My Treehouse Hobby:

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The August 10, 2020 derecho wind storm fatally wounded The Big Treehouse. 

Over time, it became clear that is was neither practical or even possible to restore the treehouse. 

Sadly, on December 15, 2023 the Big Treehouse was dismantled and removed by Adkins Construction of Marshalltown.

Thanks to everyone in Marshalltown, visitors from every state, and dignataries from around the world that enjoyed tours of The Big Treehouse for over 4 decades.

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Constructed by Mick Jurgensen and family:
Judy Gift-Jurgensen, Liz Fischer-Jurgensen, Mary Gift, and Robert Gift.

Featured on the Discovery Channel's Monster Nation Series Episode #35!

Updated Information:


The Big Treehouse was my life Hobby! The Big Treehouse began in 1983, and it was located near Marshalltown, Iowa. It was a 12-level, 55-feet plus high, Treehouse with over 5,000 square feet of floor space complete with music, electricity, telephone, microwave oven, refrigerator, running water, grill, 13 porch swings, Shady Oaks Museum, 2002 Spiral Stairway, and much, much more.


For more information YOU MAY EMAIL MickJurgensen@mchsi.com


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A View of the East Side of the Big Treehouse


To learn more about the Treehouse, choose among the following options:

- - - Treehouse Times - - - Print a .pdf handout for the season tells the story of The Big Treehouse. Need Adobe Acrobat reader.

- - - Treehouse Location - - - Here's a map that will help you find The Big Treehouse near Marshalltown, IA

- - - Treehouse Guide Map - - - A .pdf map you can print of the treehouse complex. Need Adobe Acrobat reader.

- - - A Message from Mick - - - My grandmother is the voice of The Big Treehouse. If it were not for her, it would remain unseen by visitors. She refers to The Big Treehouse as "The Golden Link."

- - - Build It and People Come! - - - Visitors have come to the treehouse from all over the United States and the World! Click here to see if your state or country are represented.

Click Here to See the Spiral Staircase Being Built

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Thousands of people came to see the Big Treehouse for over 4 decades.....

Please remember, it was only my hobby; and my grandmother Mary Gift and my mother Judy Jurgensen showed it to visitors when they were available. It was not a childrens' playground. In fact, it was created by an adult with adults in mind. It wasmuch like the deck built on the back of your home.

Tours were by appointment and tour guide during warm weather months and fair weather, dry days only.