Photos of the Big Treehouse

Marshalltown, IA

The treehouse construction crew

The view early in the spring

when we do most of our work

on the treehouse


The East View of The Big Treehouse


MeadowView from Stargazer Point


The Shady Oaks Museum

and Lincoln Highway Interpretive Site


The Decorative Outhouse


Raccoon Hollar


The "Cat Crossing" on the South Walk Entrance


One of the Many Picnic Tables

(The Treehouse can seat many people)


Another Table as Seen Through The Branches of the Tree



A Treetops Walk


A View From the Top, Over 50 Feet!


Another TreeTops Walk



Bell on the Top Of The Treehouse

A Real Bell Ringer


Big Bird Bend

A Great Place for Bird watching!



Another Busload of Visitors


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